Digital and Industrial UV Lamps and Reflectors – Made in USA

Are you searching for ultraviolet curing lamps for your screenprinter, plastic container decorating press or UV coater? When it comes time to replace the UV curing bulbs and ultraviolet reflectors in your printing or coating press it can be difficult to find the bulbs in the USA. Always remember also to replace the UV reflectors often, as 70% of the curing power is in the reflector shields.

More info on UV cure lamps

More info on UV cure lamps

Do you have a UV curing system that has dichroic or purple coated liners? No problem, they are available to buy now and just as important to replace as the silver aluminum type. Some UV presses have quartz barrier plates that can be difficult to find and carry lengthy lead times. If you know your UV lamp and reflector usage monthly or yearly, try to imagine an Auto-Ship program, no more worries about having inventory on the shelf with our program of scheduled shipments of products. Make sure to check out your options when trying to get UV lamps online, dichroic and aluminum reflectors, quartz plates, and ultraviolet curing systems.

Do you have an older UV system? Has the original manufacturer gone out of business leaving you searching for UV lamps that will work? If you can’t seem to find the replacement bulb that you are looking for, you can use the advanced search. Still having trouble finding exactly what you need? Use the UV lamp finder to locate your product. We can also cross reference or design and manufacture any type of ultraviolet lamp. Just send in your lamp or reflector for duplication. 90% of the time we can improve on what you already have, which equals longer lamp life or less lamp changes. Please contact us with any questions you may have and we will assist you.

Ultraviolet technology also expands to help in UV sterilization. Many brands of germicidal bulbs (UVC) are available.